Poster Guidelines

The maximum area of the panel to display the posters is 0.9 m wide x 1.20 m high.

The top of the poster space should include the title, authors, and affiliations. The lettering for this section should be at least 2.5 cm high.

Headings include: Introduction, Objective(s), Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, and Conclusions.

Graphs should have titles, the axes should be named, and units should be quantified. Tables should also be titled.

Avoid excessive use of text.

All data must be presented in SI (i.e., metric) units.

Conclusions should not merely be summary statements, but should provide your interpretation of what the results mean.

Proofread your poster carefully before making the final copy!

Posters will be mounted to the boards by tacks or pushpins or two-sided tape, which will be provided at the venue.

The posters should be mounted on the first day of the event (November 7th) and removed only on the last day (November 8th).

Poster presenting authors are requested to be available for discussions at their posters at specific poster viewing times. Please, check the programme for the exact times