Oral Presentation

The presentation should be provided either as a PowerPoint or PDF file.

Save your presentation file into a memory stick and have it downloaded into the computer of the auditorium, at least two hours before the presentation session.

Check that the file opens and works well. Own laptops cannot be used.

The time allocated for offered papers is 15 min, being 12 min for presentation and 3 min for discussion.

The time allocated for invited papers is 35 min, being 25 min for presentation and 10 min for discussion.

The chairperson will give a sign to the speaker at 10 min for offered papers (there will be 2 min time to finish presentation and 3 min for discussion) and at 25 min for invited speakers (there will be 5 min time to finish presentation and 5 min for discussion) to indicate that it is time to approach the end of presentation

It is important to keep the timetable so that all speakers may have an equal chance to present their work.

As a crude rule of the length of the presentation, prepare approximately one slide per minute of presentation.